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This would suggest that at the time, about two-thirds of all schools with swim programs had the full nudity requirement for all boys. There is no federal law against nudity. I leave the room while they change, and offer them the same gowns I would a female patient, rather than assuming they are comfortable sitting around in their underwear. By Monsieur Thevenot. You just had to do it. American president Theodore Roosevelt described nude swims in the Potomac with his "tennis cabinet" in his Autobiography: This page was last edited on 10 Mayat

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And that no Man Guide shall at any time hereafter go into any Bath or Baths within this City by day or by night without a pair of drawers and a waistcoat on their bodies and that each Guide shall wear a Cap with a Tassel to it to distinguish them from the people upon pain that every one offending therein to forfeit and loose for each offence the sum of 3S.

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Tameside The council couldn't finish these yellow lines because someone was parked there. Thus, for the one-third of the schools that did not have the swimsuit prohibition for boys, in all cases the reasons were based upon architectural design and placement of the pool, not about the exposure of the boys' naked bodies. However, when such articles expressly state that the boys were to swim nude, the respective news article must be viewed as conclusive, and we present some such articles below. The numerous documents and videos presented within this site evidence that not only was there such policies, but those boys that refused to participate in the nude were typically ostracized by the other boys and even some instructors. And that no Female person shall at any time hereafter go into a Bath or Baths within this City by day or by night without a decent Shift on their bodies.

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when males swimming naked was accepted
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when males swimming naked was accepted
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when males swimming naked was accepted
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